Dataton WATCHPAX 60 S media server

The WATCHPAX 60 series offers a compact form factor with sheer power in performance. With the latest technology under the hood, it is ideal for demanding applications such as live events, attractions and broadcast installations.

WATCHPAX 60 is available in four models offering from 4 to 12 output channels. Models A, B, C feature a dual power supply, HDMI and SDI input, balanced audio, 10 Gbit/s network port for high-speed content transfer, dual USB ports and 1.9 TB high performance SSD with 3.8 TB and 7.6 TB options. The latest addition, model S, features 4 output channels, 10 Gbit/s network port, dual USB ports and 1 TB high performance SSD.

All Dataton media servers have a built-in WATCHOUT license and are backed by a two-year warranty.

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