Dubai Mall videowall scoops AV Technology Award

Record-breaking and award-winning! The amazing 1.7 billion-pixel video wall at the Dubai Mall won the AV Technology Europe Award for "Best Use of Projection/Display Solutions". 

The award was presented in February 2018 at the inaugural AV Technology Europe Awards in Amsterdam. Organised by global AV and technology information specialist NewBay, the awards are dedicated to recognising innovation and achievements in AV throughout end-user businesses. The winners are all determined by an independent panel of judges.

Dataton is proud to have been a part of this project which uses WATCHOUT, WATCHNET and fifty-two WATCHPAX 4 media servers to create one of the most eye-catching visual experiences ever designed.

Here are a few stats that will blow your mind: 

820 screens – that's how many 55-inch LG OLED screens make up the video wall

700 square meters – the video wall is a huge 50 meters wide by 14 meters high, covering 2 stories

1.7 billion pixels –  if all pixels in the video wall were laid on top of each other, they would stretch 11 kilometers (that's 13 x Burj Khalifa)

80 million+ visitors annually – the video wall is in The Dubai Mall which is the world's most popular retail destination.

As the sheer scale of the wavelike video wall can be hard to grasp, take a look at this interview with LG Electronics MEA Business Solutions in Sky News Arabia.


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