Immersive projection at Cité du Chocolat

Visitors to the Valrhona Cité du Chocolat are invited to explore a world of chocolate – from cocoa pods to the chocolatier's craft. The popular attraction in Tain-l'Hermitage, France, now also includes 700 sqm of interactive exhibition space, culminating in an immersive theater powered by Dataton WATCHOUT.

The theater can host around 30 people at a time and transports visitors to Malagasy, the home of cocoa, courtesy of a 270° WATCHOUT show. Five Optoma EH505 CF projectors run under the WATCHOUT system, projecting HD video on three walls. The WATCHOUT system can also accommodate live presentations in the room. Overall room control is via a Medialon Manager system.

WATCHOUT system and expertise supplied by Videmus, Dataton Premium Partner in France. Video content produced by HIGHD and Wide Angle Production, with audio by Olivier Lafuma.

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