The official launch of the Mercedes S-Class in the aptly named Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai was a breathtaking choreographed event created by Auditoire and media artist Andree Verleger. The evening highlighted the brand slogan "Vision Accomplished" with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software helping to accomplish the on-stage take of that vision.

A VIP audience of 2500 customers, dealers, brand ambassadors and special guests were invited to the unique show featuring 200 artists, including performances by Chinese megastars Liu Huan and Na Ying. The event traced the evolution of the automobile and the heritage of Mercedes-Benz with a storyline that moved from ancient Feng Shui painting techniques to modern innovations. Working as a dramatic element in itself, the stage backdrop consisted of a multi-level arrangement of 14 LED screens – 1250 sqm – with all content sourced from WATCHOUT. Lead agency AUDITOIRE had just four days to set the stage for this unique show, a testament to outstanding logistics and teamwork.

The 14-channel WATCHOUT system was programmed by ABC Event Production GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne and ABC’s Andree Verleger was the creative director for the event. Award-winning Verleger has an international reputation for creating large-scale, interactive productions, often incorporating live performance with architectural elements. This event was no exception with the multi-level screen setup acting as a gigantic media installation sculpture, including a movable main screen and six holographic boxes.

"The corporate event market has always been a strong one for WATCHOUT and when it comes to new product launches, we are now also seeing these productions embracing our technology as a means to solve creative and technical challenges for very complex and demanding set designs," commented Fredrik Svahnberg, Project Sales Division, Dataton. "Media artist Andree Verleger and his team at ABC Event Production have always been at the forefront, continually pushing the boundaries for high-profile projects. Once again they have created an amazing event for their client and the audience."