Robot dance with WATCHOUT

IFA is Europe's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. With 1800 exhibitors vying for attention and a swathe of new, exciting products on show, booths have to really stick out to capture the visitor’s eye. Electronics and appliances manufacturer, Vestel Group from Turkey, took that literally, running Dataton WATCHOUT on a dancing trio of robot-held synchronised 84-inch screens.

Content on the three moving displays was created by Alex de Boer & Martin Melis from the Netherlands. Hugo Janzen was responsible for the system integration and synchronisation using Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback software. The displays are rotated, raised and rearranged during the booth routine, with content smoothly transitioning from a single panorama image to three independent video screens in different arrays – repeatedly.

"I work daily with WATCHOUT, and controlling external devices can perfectly be done using the software," explains Hugo Janzen. "It's not that complex to control the robot system and I have done several projects combining robots with video playback. The essential part is to have an industrial partner for the robotisation who is creative and can design a system for an audience instead of a production line. At IFA the system ran more than 1000 shows flawlessly!"

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