New airport invests in immersive AV

Step inside the new state-of-the-art Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don and onto the steppes. Inaugurated in December 2017 with an eye to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the airport welcomes travelers with an permanent experiential exhibit on the Cossack way of life and a dazzling virtual encounter with the river Don. Dataton’s WATCHOUT multi-display system is deployed in the two largescale, eye-catching installations on the second and third floors of the terminal.

The Free South 360° install

The centrepiece of the domestic terminal is a cylindrical installation, 29 m in circumference with a perforated metal exterior and lined with multiple LED displays to create a seamless screen. Tilted at 14° with one edge almost touching the floor and the other 2.5 m off the ground, the screen – 11520 x 1024 pixels – is a magnet for visitors. The content consists of a breath-taking short film – shot in 8K – capturing a day in the life of a Cossack 300 years ago, surrounding visitors with galloping horses and endless plains. Audio from 16 speakers mounted around the top of the ring serves to enforce the immersive experience.

Fly along the river Don

Ascending the escalator one floor below, visitors are greeted by a 12 m wide LED screen and an endless flight along the river Don, from Novomoskovsk to the Sea of Azov. The screen is made of 1800 LED modules with a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm. Shot with a drone at 8K resolution, the content is programmed and delivered with WATCHOUT. Media servers are teamed with a Novastar signal processing system for control.

Lorem Ipsum Corp was commissioned to develop the idea, design and content of the Platov International Airport installations, with MIRAS Ltd handling the technical aspects of design, supply, installation and WATCHOUT programming.

WATCHOUT supplied by Dataton’s CES premium partner, Intmedia, Moscow.


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