Hall of Innovation banks on WATCHOUT

The new Hall of Innovation at the Sberbank Corporate Museum in Moscow showcases the bank’s latest projects with the very latest AV technology. Sberbank is the oldest and the largest Russian bank. The new exposition represents the main new objects of the Sberbank: the resort MRIYA (architect Norman Foster), the Technopark (the project of Zaha Hadid Architects), the Corporate University of Sberbank (architect Erick van Egeraat).

As visitors wind their way through the exhibition space, they encounter immersive and interactive projection – courtesy of a Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display system. INTmedia, the Dataton premium partner in Russia, provided a turnkey solution for the new hall, including WATCHOUT and WATCHPAX media players. At the Hall of Innovation, visitors "walk" around resort MRIYA, Technopark and Sberbank Corporate University. The university display focuses on interaction with visitors controlling what they see from a tablet. The selected object is highlighted on a horizontal display with more info appearing on the adjacent concave screen. With space limitations and two projectors to control, INTmedia chose a Dataton WATCHPAX 2 for this setup. Owing to its neat format, the WATCHPAX 2 unit could be installed close to the projector on the ceiling, saving on cabling. The display on the spa and recreation area at Sberbank Resorts is visualized with a virtual tour. Visitors ride along the paths of the resort on a scooter mounted between two large curved screens running a WATCHOUT show. The content was shot during a trip along the paths of the resort and the two screens combine to give all-round visibility. At junctions, the visitor turns the handlebars and selects the direction of the scooter. As an additional feature, a fixed camera above the front screen photographs the visitor and inserts them into the scenery. At the end of the route, visitors can then view and select their photo to post on social media or receive by email.

The third main attraction in the hall is a virtual three-dimensional layout of the Technopark presented on an interactive desktop. The 3D images on the desktop are viewed with glasses. Table cameras track the position of the glasses and give a signal to the computer to rotate the virtual layout. It’s also possible to control the viewing by the tablet with scaling objects and selecting display scenarios. The 3D images are synched with the WATCHOUT 2D show running on the adjacent screen.

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