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First World War Museum in Russia

Russia’s first museum devoted solely to the First World War opened in 2014 in Tsarskoye Selo, near St Petersburg. Housed in a former imperial residence, the new Museum of the Great War showcases more than 2000 artefacts including vehicles, military paraphernalia, uniforms, documents and even gas masks for animals, many of them from a private collection dating from 1917.

The museum’s in-house team developed the exhibition concept, bringing INTmedia, the Dataton premium partner in Russia, onboard at an early stage for the multimedia part of the museum. Besides being involved in the organization of the exhibition’s multimedia aspects, INTmedia created content and installed all the AV and information systems.

The museum features two large panoramic projections that use Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display visuals on curved screens. The first screen, located under the centerpiece model of a French Nieuport 17 fighter aircraft, measures 8 by 2.5 m and uses three projectors controlled by three Dataton WATCHPAX media players. The second screen is even bigger – 11 by 2.5 m – with five projectors and six-channel WATCHOUT server.

The museum opened in August 2014 with the Chairman of the State of Duma, Sergey Naryshkin and the Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky attending the opening ceremony.

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