Glinka Collage

"A musicologist's paradise," the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture in Moscow, Russia hosts an outstanding collection of musical instruments from around the world, plus manuscripts, personal items from musicians, books and sheet music – around a million rare artefacts in all.

Moscow-based integrator, INTmedia, was entrusted with the design of a multimedia section in the 70-year-old museum's central building. At the core of the AV solution are Dataton WATCHPAX media players with built-in WATCHOUT and Dataton PICKUP audio guides.

”Visitors can now listen to the voices of the instruments in the museum's collection as well as stories about them, thanks to Dataton's PICKUP audioguide,” says Tatiana Fialkova, Creative Director at INTmedia, the Dataton premium partner for Russia. ”The choice of the PICKUP system was an easy one, based on its high-quality sound reproduction, a key requirement for a museum with such high-calibre content. PICKUP also won on its ability to synchronize audio and video content easily as well as its fast content updates, ease of installation and modification.”

The video content in the Glinka's new exposition area is incorporated into the display cases using rear-projection, compact laser LED projectors under the control of WATCHPAX media players. The WATCHPAX players are mounted on the top of the display case – an ideal solution in such limited space which is made possible by the lightweight, compact format of the player. Visitors then simply point-click with PICKUP at the WIRETAG transponders on the cases to start listening to the video soundtrack from the right location.

”This national museum is already a treasure trove of musical culture,” says Tatiana Fialkova. ”We're confident that the addition of new technologies will help enrich and expand its appeal to visitors of all ages.”

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