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Giant projections bring masterpieces to life

Don’t just view it, step inside it!

The artworks may be familiar, but the visitor experience is fully contemporary at the ARTPLAY Design Center in Moscow. The digital art venue opened in 2014 and showcases a program of multimedia projects by its creative division, the Digital Art Center ArtplayMedia. The hallmark of the team is the application of technologies at the junction of multimedia, cinema and interactive solutions. Large format projection, powered by Dataton WATCHOUT and WATCHPAX media servers, forms an integral part of their work in capturing the visitor’s imagination.

“Our aim is to present masterpieces in fantastic detail, telling the story of the artist and providing a new approach to classic art,” explains Malika Saadoun, ArtplayMedia marketing manager. “Being immersed in the nuances of the Impressionists, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes, or in the waves of Aivazovsky’s raging sea is an incredible experience for many visitors. The combination of techniques is also important. In the multimedia performance “I – Aivazovsky,” for example, we combine the format of a multimedia exhibition and a more intimate TV show to give insight into the artist’s life and creative process.”

At the Digital Art Center ArtplayMedia, a rotating selection of 15 productions is shown throughout the year. Many of these utilize the venue’s 600 square meter projection area and impressive multi-channel sound system. To create a fully immersive experience with imagery moving on walls, floors and in the exhibition space, the team programs the content in WATCHOUT for playback on multiple Sony laser projectors. Processing power is provided by WATCHPAX media servers which were chosen for their performance and compact format. The palm-sized servers are installed next to the projectors to minimize long cable runs.

The original Moscow venue attracts around 20 thousand visitors per month. In early 2020, the concept comes to St Petersburg with the opening of a new ArtPlay multimedia hall.

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