Welcome to the Dataton Digital Academy!

New to Dataton WATCHOUT or looking to refresh your skills and become an even more proficient WATCHOUT user? Join us at the Dataton Digital Academy! The program consists of four online seminars led by Dataton Certified Trainers, access to an e-learning portal for recapping seminar info, and home assignments (with individual feedback) between each online seminar. The number of participants is strictly limited to promote interaction during the sessions. 

Platform for the online seminars: Zoom. 
Fee: EUR 200 per person payable in advance.

Participant should have a laptop with WATCHOUT installed (downloaded free of charge from our website). No WATCHOUT license key needed.

Requirements Before the first online seminar you will be sent a link to an introductory course in the Dataton e-learning portal. Please note that this course must be completed before you attend the first online seminar.


  • Make sure to block ALL of the dates/times below in your calendar as all seminars are mandatory if you wish to attend the full academy.
  • The seminars should be taken according to the specified order below and missing one seminar means failing the academy.
  • This Academy runs on Central European Time.
Seminar TopicDateTime
Seminar 1 – Production BasicsTuesday, February 1, 202209:00-13:00 CET
Seminar 2 – Auxiliary Timelines and Projection SetupThursday, February 3, 202209:00-13:00 CET
Seminar 3 – Virtual Displays, 3D and MappingTuesday, February 8, 202209:00-13:00 CET
Seminar 4 – System Setup, Command & ControlThursday, February 10, 202209:00-13:00 CET

Attendees completing all of the online seminars, e-learning courses and home assignments are awarded a course diploma.

In English: This Digital Academy will be led by certified trainer Steve Selwyn, Mirage Associates, with Jan Breel, Avtrade, as co-instructor. Both Steve and Jan are Dataton premium partners with long experience of WATCHOUT. 

Link to Dataton Digital Academy program

Link to Dataton Digital Academy terms

Fee EUR 200 per person payable in advance plus VAT. The course fee includes all 4 online seminars, access to the e-learning portal, evaluation of home assignments and course Diploma after passing all elements.

Questions? Please email [email protected]


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