Titouan Millet833

Titouan Millet

Titouan Millet is a WATCHOUT expert from Videmus, Dataton’s Premium Partner in France. Before joining Videmus, Titouan evolved in the world of independent game development, being part of the independent videogame/art collective Klondike. He worked on several experimental projects, and some of them have been exhibited at different events around the world. His background as a programmer and multimedia artist provides him with technical skills as much as a creative mind.

In 2016, Titouan joined Videmus and has since worked on a multitude of projects, involving creating complex shows in WATCHOUT, taking care of multi-displays warping, making 3D mapping on large surfaces, and experimenting with the software in Videmus’ interactive showroom. In 2017, Titouan became a certified WATCHOUT trainer for the French Dataton Academy.

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