Daniel Cariño

Daniel Cariño is a WATCHOUT expert from Show Sage, Dataton's Partner for North America. Before joining Show Sage, Daniel was a freelance programmer and content creator specializing in motion graphics for performance. He started using WATCHOUT in 2012 at Arizona State University where he graduated 2014 and continued on to work as the first video fellow at Oregon Shakespeare Festival using WATCHOUT on 6 productions and invited back to as a guest artist to assist for 2 more productions as a content creator. Daniel has 10 years in graphic design and 7 years as a WATCHOUT programmer and designer working on small- and large-scale productions throughout the US.

In 2018 Daniel joined the Show Sage team for marketing, tech support, and assisting Ian Johnson with the Dataton Academy classes. Daniel is new to the training team with a passion to continue to experiment with technology in live performance from theatrical to corporate productions. When he's not working with WATCHOUT, by designing booths, shows, or experimenting with features, he can be found brushing up on design trends, streaming PC games on twitch, or attending local meetups with various gaming, design, and LGBTQ+ communities in the Chicago area.

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