Dataton WATCHPAX is a solid-state media player tailored for maximum performance with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display production software.

WATCHPAX™ is a dedicated media player for your WATCHOUT show, an alternative to PCs in your rig. Behind its elegant exterior, there's built-in WATCHOUT software and optimized hardware. Robust and reliable, WATCHPAX is backed by 40 years of AV engineering.

WATCHPAX gives you the power of WATCHOUT production tools without the hassle of fine-tuning computers or running long video cables. Plug in the WATCHPAX and you know you've got the right hardware for the job. No tweaking, no updating of graphics cards, less stress. Create your show in WATCHOUT, connect one WATCHPAX per display source and you are good
to go.

WATCHPAX makes digital signage more accessible. It's designed to match the specific demands of distributed systems and multi-room installs. For installations running in several show areas or rooms, it means you keep the hardware as close to the display source as possible, not connected by long, expensive video cables. With your media player and display sources set up in a compact area, you minimise potential loss of quality, downtime and install time.

WATCHPAX lets you focus on what you do best: creating great shows.